Subsidence Insurance Claims, Oxfordshire


What is subsidence?

Property subsidence is the downward movement of foundations as a result of underlying soil conditions. It’s often caused by dehydrated clay soil that shrinks when something else has absorbed the moisture from the soil, or there has been a dry spell. It can also be due to properties being built on land where mining has previously taken place.

It often occurs in ‘pockets’ so if your home, or your neighbour’s home has been affected by subsidence, it may not necessarily effect the other property.

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How to spot subsidence

You’ll need to appoint a Chartered Surveyor to determine whether your house is subsiding, but there are a number of things that can indicate an issue:

  • Large diagonal cracks that appear wider at the top
  • Bay windows shifting outwards
  • Rippling wallpaper
  • Doors or windows sticking for no obvious reason
  • A new extension moving away from the main building

How we can help at Stephen Hodge Associates

First of all, we can support you in the initial diagnosis and determine the extent of the subsidence. We can then put together a report and create the specification for work needed.

After liaising with your insurers, we can instruct our tried and tested contractors and project manage the fix. From start to finish, we can be involved, to ensure your property has had an effective and efficient subsidence fix.

Will subsidence be covered by your insurance provider?

If your policy states subsidence and professional fees are included, you should be covered for both the fix and our costs. In our experience of over 3000 cases, the average cost of a subsidence claim is £400,000.

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