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Flooding can be a serious risk to people and property, causing stress, trauma and sometimes costing thousands of pounds in repairs.

If you are currently living, working, or planning to move to a high risk area, understanding the risks of flooding in your vicinity is the first step to making sure your home or business is protected and safe from the dangers of flood damage.

A flood risk assessment needs to be thorough, detailed and delivered quickly, which is why if you are concerned about flood damage you need the right people behind you.

At Stephen Hodge we can prepare flood risk assessments for homes and businesses of all sizes. By looking at government data and historical records, as well as taking from our 30 years of experience, this assessment allows us to identify the risks and propose cost effective measures to reduce them.

A flood risk assessment is often prepared as part of a disaster plan but may also be an option for those property owners considered to be in ‘at risk’ areas or those with concerns regarding flooding.

Once the report is carried out, we can offer support and advice about how to proceed and ensure that you are taking the right steps to protect your property.

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Stephen Hodge offer timely and pragmatic advice and over the last 30 years we have earned a reputation for professionalism and efficiency.

Our expertise has helped clients across Oxfordshire gain tangible and actionable advice about flood risks to their property. This advice has helped them plan for applications, support insurance decisions and gain credits towards environmental accreditations.

All our projects are over seen by one of our experienced Directors to ensure a high quality and efficient service. All reports are delivered 72 hours after a site visit. If you are in need of our flood risk assessment services, we offer a free consultation.

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