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How to make a buildings insurance claim

One in five home insurance claims are rejected, which is considerably higher than the number of travel or motor insurance claims that are. Confusion surrounding what’s included in home insurance policies and the process of making a claim may be behind these high figures. We have over 35 years of experience dealing with property insurance claims, in particular regarding historic and perio  ...More »


Six ways our building project management keeps your project on track

Project managing a build or renovation can take up more time than a full-time job. It often requires presence on site in the daytime, and evenings spent focused on planning. Even aside from the time commitment, there are numerous reasons why many people prefer not to project manage their own building or renovation project – from stress with suppliers to managing unforeseen costs or  ...More »


Why you should choose a residential surveyor for your home buyer survey

When you buy a house, your mortgage lender will send someone to the property to ensure that the house you want to buy is worth the money you are paying and the money they are lending you. It’s a way for the mortgage company to protect their investment - however, this is not a survey. A home buyer’s survey is different to this valuation and it will give you a way of finding out if t  ...More »


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