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Seasonal words from Stephen Hodge Ltd

We appreciate this month is busy for all of you, sending Christmas cards, posting calenders, & writing letters to Santa! We have therefore compiled a few images with associated seasonal words that we hope will interest you & reflect the diversity of our work over 2014. Mistletoe (/news/summer-subsidence) Mistletoe has a romantic association with kissing but in reality it is a   ...More »


Fire and Flood damage hints and tips

This month we focus on two disasters that every homeowner hopes they never have to experience, Fire & Flood. We share some facts & figures that we believe are of interest together with some interesting stories, pictures & advice. Fire, Flood, Pics & Tips November is traditionally the time for bonfires, fireworks, dark evenings at home with open fires to keep us warm &a  ...More »


Insulating your home as we head for winter.

This month we start off by handing you over to our newest member of staff, Jon. Jon will tell you a little about himself, his background and his thoughts on working as part of Stephen Hodge Associates Ltd. Following his introduction we provide you with some valuable information on another type of inside news, as we focus on insulating your home as we head for Winter. Introducing........   ...More »