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Love Thy Neighbour? Maybe Not!

This month we focus on the agonising problem of Boundary Disputes. We intend to provide you with reliable advice to enable you to make an informed decision if purchasing a property therefore reducing the risk of a boundary dispute. For those already in the unfortunate position of being in dispute we will supply you with some factual information and useful steps to aid resolution. Love Thy   ...More »


September Surveys

Recently we have been especially busy recently in providing Building Surveys (/building-surveyors) for our clients. We have found however that there is some uncertainty amongst the general public as to what a Building Survey actually is and why it is of value. We believe in informed decisions so in this blog post we hope to provide you with the information you need to make an educated choi  ...More »


Summer Subsidence

As we revel in the current long hot summer days, we consider it prudent to protect ourselves from the high temperatures, dehydration & the sun's harmful effects. However do we consider the risks to our homes during this hot dry season. This month we look at SUBSIDENCE. We aim to equip you to: Know what it is and why Diagnose if you have a problem Know where to get professional h  ...More »