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Summer Subsidence

As we revel in the current long hot summer days, we consider it prudent to protect ourselves from the high temperatures, dehydration & the sun's harmful effects. However do we consider the risks to our homes during this hot dry season. This month we look at SUBSIDENCE. We aim to equip you to: Know what it is and why Diagnose if you have a problem Know where to get professional h  ...More »


Wet Wet Wet

Wet, Wet, Wet! Sadly not the pop rock band with a string of hits but the appearance of our not so green & verdant land at present. The newspaper headlines display grim images of despair over the last 3 months. Unusual & wild weather has subjected many to harrowing ordeals involving loss of life at worst & possessions. The met office have stated that some parts of Engl  ...More »


Using Photography During Projects

Every Picture Tells a Story During projects we often use photography as evidence, to monitior progress and to enhance the detail of our records. At times during large projects it is always encouraging to reflect on the "before images" to remind both ourselves and our clients of where we have come from as we work towards the goal of completion and the "after picture". We regularly use ima  ...More »