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3 reasons why planning for floods & flood restoration is the new ‘must-have’ for UK businesses

Over last year the UK was buffeted by severe storms that hit the south of England particularly hard, causing widespread flooding, power cuts and major disruptions to all forms of transport. This weather is set to make an unwelcome return as recent studies have suggested that the UK is likely to be hit by Atlantic storms taking a southerly track in the coming years. (Source: Met Office).   ...More »


What is subsidence and can subsidence be fixed?

Subsidence can be simply described as the downward movement of a property as a result of changes in the subsoil. The word 'Subsidence' however usually strikes fear into a home/building owners mind & is swiftly followed by that sinking feeling & belief that your bank balance is about to plunge into the red & you will never manage to sell your house! With warmer temperatures and   ...More »


How to Avoid Building Bodge Jobs (And what to do when they happen)

We know from experience that Spring/Summer is the optimum time when many choose to undertake substantial amounts of building work to their property. Bodged building jobs can dramatically increase the cost of a project as reported on by ( who claimed that the cost   ...More »


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