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Why you should choose a residential surveyor for your home buyer survey

When you buy a house, your mortgage lender will send someone to the property to ensure that the house you want to buy is worth the money you are paying and the money they are lending you. It’s a way for the mortgage company to protect their investment - however, this is not a survey. A home buyer’s survey is different to this valuation and it will give you a way of finding out if t  ...More »


Get back to normality after a fire with professional fire damage restoration services

When a fire strikes at your property, getting back on track can be incredibly challenging, both physically and mentally. It might be tempting to try and get back into your property, save what you can from the ashes and begin the clear up to get back to normality, yet there are a number of reasons why doing this yourself isn’t such a good idea. Professional fire damage restoration service  ...More »


How an architectural designer can help you to love it or list it

If you’re always stepping on toys or the dog’s tail, or your office doubles up as the kitchen table, you might feel you’ve outgrown your home. Before you call the estate agents, consult an architectural designer, and you might find yourself turning your property into something you’ll really want to keep. Whether it makes more sense to move or extend depends on a nu  ...More »


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