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What to do when you’re faced with a flooded property and need flood restoration

In recent years, the UK has been hit with a number of devastating storms which have caused unprecedented water damage to homes across the country, especially in the north. According to the BBC, the overall cost of excessive flooding caused by Storm Desmond and Eva has been estimated to top £1.5 billion, an expense that many residents of the UK have been having to bear on heavy shoul  ...More »


The importance of quality fire damage restoration

When things go wrong the impact is huge. We want you to get the best advice available to enable you to make informed choices about the way forward. As highly experienced experts in fire damage restoration, Stephen Hodge Associates Chartered Surveyors ( are aware that fire victims, even if adequately insured, may find it a struggle to cope with the i  ...More »


Ensure your home is well insulated this winter with our chartered surveyors

Poorly insulated homes can be prone to problems such as damp, mould and rot, all of which can have a detrimental impact on your home. Not only can they be costly to fix at the time, they can devalue your home when it comes to potential resale. This is something our chartered surveyors in Oxford ( can advise you on. Insulating a property can be defin  ...More »


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