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The issues around renovating a historic property

Unlocking Those History Mysteries The emergence of some welcome spring sunshine revives our spirits and resurrects our interest in our surroundings after a winter huddling indoors. Easter sees the start of the new visitor season for stately homes and heritage attractions, while thatched cottages and the many character properties with which this part of the world is blessed look thei  ...More »


Spring Bounce in Housing Market

January saw the highest number of house-hunters registering with estate agents for more than five years. The National Association of Estate Agents say the figures are the highest since September 2007, and the year also started strongly for first-time buyer sales with first time purchases accounting for a quarter of sales, a two year high. And the number of mortgages on the market has increased  ...More »


A cautionary tale from an Oxford Building Surveyor

Picture Imperfect - What A Photo Shows! It’s been another busy month on SHA’s property inspection travels and these two photos highlight the importance of getting professional advice. If you think you don’t need a detailed domestic survey (/surveying-pages/residential-surveyor) when you’re buying a brand new build, this photo tells a cautionary tale. Called in   ...More »


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