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Building Surveys and 12 Essential Homebuyer's Tips

Different homes require different Surveys (/surveying-pages/residential-surveyor), and it is extremely important and beneficial to decide which is best for your home, requirements and needs. Are you familiar with a Condition Report, a Homebuyers Report and a Building Survey? A Building Survey (/surveying-pages/residential-surveyor) is an in depth report and is appropriate for most propert  ...More »


Position Vacant - Project Manager - Are you qualified?

Following our last newsletter on Planning Permission, we move forward, assuming, that you have received the go ahead for your building project (/building-project-management) and are keen to get the ball rolling. The challenge now is where to start and which direction to go in. Project development: Do you go it alone or call in the property management experts? At this point it is time   ...More »


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