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How our quality control service can save you money and stress on your building project

This is the time of year when many clients begin planning new building and renovation projects. One element that is often overlooked during the planning stages of projects is regular quality control inspections to ensure that the standard of workmanship of the building works meets the client’s expectations.

Quality control is very difficult to achieve on a building site, in a client’s home or in the industrial environment because so much is reliant on the standard of workmanship and the proficiency of each of the tradesmen employed.

quality control

As a result, clients are often disappointed by the level of finish in the completed works, which can cause disharmony between the client and contractor.

How regular quality control can help

As qualified Chartered Building Surveyors we are able to help clients avoid these issues by providing regular quality control inspections of the work and materials used. We can then provide clients with the information that they need to make informed decisions and, where appropriate, act on their behalf in interactions with the contractor by providing expert advice on products and their uses.

Regular quality control inspections help to ensure that the quality of workmanship and materials used is of a consistently high standard, ensuring that the work is completed to your satisfaction and ensuring a positive relationship with the contractor is maintained.

Our quality control service can extend to support when plans change. Our problem-solving expertise enables us to provide crucial leadership and manage contract variations during what can be a difficult period. As we are able to see the whole picture, rather than focusing on a specific trade, we can ensure quality control is maintained throughout and the project is completed in a timely fashion.

Our quality control service

As qualified Chartered Building Surveyors, we are experts in identifying the cause of defects. Our day-to-day work means that we have experience of inspecting a wide range of building types. We are able to apply this experience to our quality control work, enabling us to readily identify issues such as concealment.

Our quality control service comprises the following operations:

  • assessing the client’s requirements
  • checking the specification and drawings
  • ensuring an appropriate contract is in place
  • contract administration
  • site inspections as agreed with the client
  • snagging
  • final handover including obtaining guarantees, certificates etc.

Find out more about the quality control service we can provide for your project.

In addition to quality control, we are able to offer a full project management service, in which all aspects of the project are managed by us on your behalf from inception to completion.


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