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Looking forward to 2015- House prices, skills shortages, and proper preparation for flooding

We start the New Year by taking a long view into 2015, bringing you news on what is expected within our area of expertise as well as expectations currently predicted for the next 12 months. We will be focussing on:

  • House price predictions in the coming year
  • Skill shortages in the construction market
  • Provision and planning for flooding in 2015
2015 House Prices

Predictions for Property Prices in 2015

The RICS UK Housing Market Forecast foresees the UK housing market rising by an average of 3% over 2015.

If you live in London, Wales and the South West however it has been suggested that figures are a little lower at 2%.

As always, where you are located plays an important part in house pricing as well as prime locations within towns and cities which results in broad price forecasting.

Additionally it is predicted that stamp duty reforms will push sales up.

For Landlords and Tenants the expectation is that property rents will increase over the coming months by up to 2%.

If you are considering buying a house either as a family home or as a buy to let, we can offer you a full bespoke home buyers survey by a chartered building surveyor. Typically our clients save money with house survey costs by investing in our surveying services. Stephen Hodge Associates reports that 80% of our clients save upwards of £10,000 following defects identified in our homebuyers inspection and report.

We specialise in supplying experienced surveyors who carry out detailed domestic, commercial, structural and party wall surveys. Contact our property experts if you have any further questions, and we will aim to respond to your query promptly. 

2015 House PricesSkills Shortages in the Construction Market

The latest UK Construction Market Survey indicates an increase in construction work regardless of skills shortages. Indeed it has been suggested that a shortage of skilled workmen is one element that may even be restricting growth.

Education, courses, apprenticeships and experience become valuable assets in considering raising the number of skilled workmen and women.

It has been identified that Bricklayers and Quantity Surveyor numbers are notably low. 

Beware of employing a contractor with the wrong skill set for your project.

SHA have the advantage of knowing reputable tradesmen and contractors from previous experience. We can offer you detailed Specifications and tender documentation to ensure you get the best job done by the best person, gaining the maximum value for your money. 

We can help oversee and manage your building projects, from inception to completion. You can find out more information on our contact supervision and planned maintenance service page.


Water, Water Everywhere. Flood Risk Assessment. 

2015 House Prices

Property owners who have experienced flooding no doubt shiver when this topic is raised. Some remain irate at the lack of support offered whilst others are emotionally drained by the horrors and distress associated by having your home and belongings devastated by water and sewage.

In December 2014 the Treasury informed us that £2.3bn is being invested in flood prevention in areas including the Thames but much discussion ensued including the question of maintenance of current defence projects.

SHA are also aware that many new homes are being built near existing towns on flood plains. We have also witnessed flood gates being closed to avert risk of flooding in one area only to divert the problem to another nearby community.

Undoubtedly increased financial investment would be beneficial but we encourage home owners to also take responsibility for their own property by planning and preparing should such a disaster strike.

We recently offered the provision of a Flood Report to Oxford residents in previously flooded areas equipping them with appropriate information and guidance.

If you reside in a high risk flood area, we prepare flood risk assessments for homes and businesses of all sizes. Our support will ensure that you take the right steps towards protecting your property.


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