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Across the desk............This month we have included a selection of the varied range of work that we have been involved in which we hope is of interest ---you will note no mention of - ....Structural surveys   -  .....Project Management or .....Party Walls.

Client Saves £10,000!!

We are still dealing with insurance claims........

- the cause of the damage was incorrectly attributed, by Insurers, to settlement, and therefore was not covered in our clients policy. Following our independent inspection, testing and monitoring a claim for Subsidence is now being pursued MORE...... .

Plastic heating pipe split leads to ...floating floor. The incorrect grade of pipe had been used by developers throughout a block of flats. This error led to hot water escaping causing damage to an entire flat. We have since sucessfully renovated the property, addressing the water damage which amounted to £10,000. We handled the claim and eventually the Landlords Insurers accepted all the renovation costs including our fees....costing our client nothing. MORE......

Up in Smoke?

exposed floor/ceiling structureContractors have stripped the ceiling as part of renovation  works........

-exposing the service pipes and cables and floor joists of the neighbours flat, it seems no one had thought of the fire risk!! We stepped in and carefully selected an insulation product that can be installed to provide both fire protection and essential sound insulation. MORE..........

Propped Up!

conventional mass concrete underpinningcalled in for structural advice...........

"The thought of not having to demolish the front wall and dealing with the heating and electrics is fantastic".....  Mrs H

Her Builder called us in for structural advice where cracking had developed and he had been contracted to repair/replace the wall.

We diagnosed localised subsidence - prepared detailed drawings taking into account NHBC guidance and a Schedule of repair to include localised underpinning and specialist crack repair. We gave negotiated with the local authorities and submitted a  Building Regulation application.   MORE.on how we have helped........

Beating the Loft Cowboys!

loft conversion designed and project managed by usNew Insulation product saves headroom.........

We were approached when a cowboy builder completed a loft conversion without obtaining Building Regulation approval - the client only found out when they came to sell - We have just completed the redesign of an illegal loft conversion and incorporated the latest roof insulation products and techniques to save headroom and reduce disturbance of the roof. MORE...


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