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Keep your dream build on track with quality control consultancy

Anyone who has built a home in the past, or is currently in the process of doing so, knows that it can end up taking over your life. The daily trials and tribulations can prove to be totally unmanageable alongside your day to day. Construction management and quality control ( is the answer you’ve been looking for. We’ve all been sca  ...More »


What are building surveys?

Building surveys ( are another type of property survey; probably the most thorough. They offer a comprehensive evaluation of a property’s condition. The survey will outline the condition of every visible and accessible element of a property, including any defects; how they were caused and the urgency for repair. Mainten  ...More »


Speed up your flood damage claim with expert advice from a Chartered Surveyor

Flooding is usually the result of an unpredictable event that can leave your life turned upside down. If your home or business has been hit by flooding there are ways to speed up what happens next. When it comes to water in your property it’s essential to get the flood damage restoration process going as soon as possible. Moving into temporary accommodation is less than ideal and ca  ...More »


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