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Why you should choose a residential surveyor for your home buyer survey

When you buy a house, your mortgage lender will send someone to the property to ensure that the house you want to buy is worth the money you are paying and the money they are lending you. It’s a way for the mortgage company to protect their investment - however, this is not a survey. A home buyer’s survey is different to this valuation and it will give you a way of finding out if t  ...More »


Save your business money with a full commercial survey

There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing or renting a commercial property. Is it fit for purpose? Is it big enough? What are the operating costs going to be? Beyond these considerations, you’ll need to think about the actual building and whether there are any defects. Pre-existing issues could result in you having to spend thousands more than expected.Our commercial building  ...More »


How to resolve a Party Wall dispute

Extensions and building works can have an affect on walls and boundaries between you and your neighbours, known as Party Walls. In these cases, you must follow the procedures set out in the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. The Party Wall Act exists to protect you and your neighbours. It sets out your responsibilities and obligations for work that might have an effect on other people's property.   ...More »


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