What Are Building Surveys?

BUILDING SURVEYS are another type of property survey; probably the most thorough. They offer a comprehensive evaluation of a property’s condition. The survey will outline the condition of every visible and accessible element of a property, including any defects; how they were caused and the urgency for repair. Maintenance and estimated cost of repairs can also be discussed.

building surveys can help identify issues such as subsidence

So why are building surveys so important?

Buying a house is financially draining and incredibly stressful so we can understand the need to cut costs where possible. A building survey however, should not be one of these costs. Could you imagine spending hundreds of thousands on a property, only to move in and find that it is in desperate need of extensive and expensive repairs? Buying your dream home could turn into a nightmare.

A building survey will give you all the information needed to negotiate the price of the property. A more troubling report will give you all the facts needed to reconsider the whole purchase of the property.

How to choose what survey you need

When going through the property purchase process you are likely to come across loads of different types of reports and surveys. Some of which will be offered as an inclusion to your mortgage. It can be easy to be swayed by the ‘cheaper’ options. Other reports do not go into the same depth and are unlikely to highlight the same level of defects.

There are certain instances where a building survey will prove to be far more of a necessity. We would advise always OPTING FOR A BUILDING SURVEY if you are buying a period property (an area that we specialise in), a property that has been extensively altered, an untraditional property, or one that you are planning to alter. We can help access the suitability for structural alterations.

You should always instruct a RICS accredited Chartered Surveyor, like ourselves, to carry out your building survey. We have a legal obligation to detect and inform you of any current of potential issues.

If you are in the market for a new property and would like to see the bigger picture before agreeing to any costs, please get in touch.

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