Save Your Business Money With A Full Commercial Survey.

There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing or renting a commercial property. Is it fit for purpose? Is it big enough? What are the operating costs going to be? Beyond these considerations, you’ll need to think about the actual building and whether there are any defects. Pre-existing issues could result in you having to spend thousands more than expected.Our commercial building survey is designed to give you all the information you need on a property before you commit to buying it. Our detailed report will give you all the relevant information to negotiate costs or adjust budgets.

Why have a commercial property survey?

Setting up or moving your business is already loaded with costs, risks and stresses. That’s without the thought of the property you move into needing costly repairs.

A building survey will give you an idea of the current and potential conditions of the property. A number of factors will be highlighted and you can go back to the seller with this information before making a decision.

Surveys for leased commercial properties

When leasing a commercial property in the UK, you may be agreeing to take liability for the repairs and condition of said property. Handling the business premises back in the condition it was received isn’t black and white. A pre-existing issue can arise whilst you’re in lease and you could be left with the bill; presumably something you haven’t prepared, or budgeted, for.

AS COMMERCIAL PROPERTY SURVEYORS, we would suggest getting a schedule of condition to limit your business’ liability and prevent any unexpected costs. This should allow you to budget much more effectively. It will also help to make sure that you aren’t paying to fix damage that is not caused by your business.

Negotiating costs

Our full commercial survey will give you enough detail to make a final decision on the property, whether you’re buying or leasing. You can make negotiations on costs, or insist that issues are resolved before moving your business in.

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