How To Sympathetically Restore A Period Property.

Period property restorations are growing in popularity. An increasing number of Britons are taking on the challenge of restoring houses back to their former glory. If the work isn’t approached cautiously, you risk stripping out the authenticity and unique character of the house.

If you’re in the midst of a PERIOD PROPERTY RESTORATION, we can work with you to make sure the project runs well and your property is protected. There are a number of things that you should focus on to protect the history of the building, including:

period property restoration advice

Find tradespeople with conservation experience

Listed and period homes need more care and attention paid to them than other properties. They’ll have construction elements and materials that not every tradesperson has had experience with. There are specialists available for each unique aspect of period restoration, including sash window experts and lime mortar specialists. Finding these specialist contractors with help reduce the risk of damage to your house.

Use materials true to the building

Resorting a period property isn’t a cheapest way to buy a house but might be the only way to own the house of your dreams. Once it’s completed, it will be well worth the money. With that in mind, trying to cut costs by using the cheapest and most readily available materials isn’t the best way to approach the project. If the current aspect, be it the floor, mouldings or roofing, cannot be restored then it should be replaced with a material that is similar.

Take time and care

It’s not a fast process, or one that should be taken lightly. Restorations should be approached cautiously and considerately. Taking the time to find the right contractors or materials from reclamation yard. Having someone like ourselves on board to advise and manage the restoration can ensure that it’s tackled appropriately and sensitively.

Let us help make it as efficient as possible

As we’ve mentioned, PERIOD PROPERTY RESTORATIONS aren’t a quick, or cheap, fix. So, making mistakes in the process can be an absolute nightmare. At Stephen Hodge Associates, we can guide you through the process, from drawing up the initial plans, to finding the specialist contractors and managing all the building work. We’ll act as your advocate to take the stress away and make the project run as efficiently as possible, whilst keeping your budget protected.


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