How Can I Get The Most From My Architectural Designer?

If you need creative architectural design, Stephen Hodge is known for offering some of the best in the business. But as leading specialist chartered building surveyors, our expertise doesn’t end there. From buying to building, restoring to extending, we offer a range of operational services and legal advice that can take you from your first idea to the finished product.

Whether you’re working on a beautiful home or an essential commercial property, our ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNERS can provide guidance on your project in a number of ways.

Considering buying?

Signs of damp. Heat loss. Infestations. If you’re looking to buy a new home, you want to be sure there are no nasty surprises which could turn into significant and costly pieces of work. We’ll carry out a comprehensive VISUAL INSPECTION of the property, examining all accessible parts of a building, from roof space to cellar. We’ll note any required repairs or alterations, and can even speak with the vendor and neighbours on your behalf to help build a full picture. We’ll also check that services such as drainage, plumbing and electrics are all in working order or if there are any defects. We’ll include all our findings in a bespoke report complete with recommendations and estimated costs for repairs.

Extending or restoring?

Planning permission doesn’t just apply to new builds. If you’re looking to make some changes, you’re probably going to need to go through this process. Applications must be submitted to your local authority if your proposal doesn’t fall under routine maintenance or automatic planning permission by law. We can help you to PREPARE YOUR APPLICATION and – if it comes to it – any appeals too. With our up-to-date knowledge, we’ll make sure your application is robust and ticks all the boxes that your local authority might be looking for to best position you for success. Our informed ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS are created with planning consent in mind to give you a higher chance of receiving consent too.

Thinking of building?

Building projects should be exciting. However without professional project management, they can soon become stressful and confusing, leading to delays in work, and escalating costs. We’ll assign a Director to EXPERTLY PROJECT MANAGE and oversee your building work, from the first concepts to planning permission, putting a contract out to tender and all the way through to completion and handover. We can help with more than just new-builds too. Whether it’s repairs, refurbishment, decommissioning or demolition, we will ensure it’s completed on time and in budget and to our own high standards.

Planning for risks?

Nobody wants to face disasters when it comes to their home or commercial property. From subsidence to fires and floods, incidents can arise, and even after the event, dealing with the fallout can be time-consuming and worrying. With our extensive experience and knowledge in policy cover, we can HANDLE YOUR INSURANCE CLAIMS quickly and efficiently, taking care of negotiations, and keeping you in the loop just as much or as little as you like until the best outcome has been secured. With expertise in historic and period properties, we will make sure you’re back in your property, safe and sound, as soon as we can.

Looking for inspiration?

And yes, on top of all of these services, we also offer innovative ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNexpertise. Whether you already have a few ideas, or you’re looking for inspiration, we will take into account all your aspirations and any practicalities to draft a creative solution that works for you. Working on a listed or historic building? No problem. We have wide experience and a real passion for these projects, and will ensure plans are sensitive and appropriate. 

At Stephen Hodge, we’ve worked on both domestic and commercial properties in Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds and the surrounding areas, and have established strong working relationships with local authority planners. With more than 30 years’ experience giving professional advice in the purchase, refurbishment, extension, and alteration of all types of properties – as well as innovative ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN – we can help you to achieve your dream property.

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