How An Architectural Designer Can Help You To Love It Or List It.

If you’re always stepping on toys or the dog’s tail, or your office doubles up as the kitchen table, you might feel you’ve outgrown your home. Before you call the estate agents, consult an architectural designer, and you might find yourself turning your property into something you’ll really want to keep.

Whether it makes more sense to move or extend depends on a number of considerations, such as: the costs involved, your future plans, how emotionally attached you are to your house, the area you live in and the type of house you have. Whatever factors come into play, an architectural designer can help.

Here, we weigh up the pros and cons of each choice, and show where the guidance of an architectural designer can add real value.

Love it

Not quite ready to let go? You may not have to. Is there untapped potential beyond any of your four walls? Perhaps you have a garden or a driveway that offers prime space for making your beautiful home bigger. You don’t have to go outwards either – upwards might be the answer. Loft spaces can be converted into a great study for homeworking, or even an extra bedroom. In a few cases you might even be able to explore beneath your feet. An architectural designer can let you know if there’s value in adding a basement to your property.

At Stephen Hodge Associates, we specialise in ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN that’s completely tailored to your aspirations. We can take your ideas and match them with practical requirements, to work towards an innovative and attractive solution.

If you’re weighing up your options, do consider first whether any planned extensions are likely to make the house more or less valuable if you decide to sell in the future. An experienced architectural designer can help you to think this through.

You’ll also need to apply for planning permission of course. Consult the government’s PLANNING PORTAL to find out what’s allowed, how to apply, and to estimate what your costs might be. Think about the process of renovation too – you might need to plan to spend some time staying with family or friends while work is being carried out. Our architectural designers can advise on all the implications of renovating or extending.

List it

A good architectural designer will aim to make extensions worthwhile. However if extending represents a significant expense, or a negligible increase in the value of your property, you might choose to cut your losses and head out for pastures new.

This decision depends largely on your motivations and your particular needs. Finances are important, but sentimental attachment to a house can count for a lot too, and as any property expert knows, a good location is unbeatable.

From a financial perspective, extensions are generally far more affordable than shelling out on the seemingly endless fees involved with moving house through solicitors, estate agents, stamp duty, and more. However it’s not always the case. If you do plan to sell up, consult the experts first. Call into estate agents in the area and see what fits your budget, and find out from OURARCHITECTURAL DESIGNERS how the cost of making changes to your current home might compare.

If you’re sold on selling, we can carry out a Home Buyers Survey on your potential new home. We can inspect all accessible parts of the building to identify any defects. We’ll look for indications of repairs and alterations, and also speak with the vendors and their neighbours – where possible – to inform our findings.

Decision too hard? Contact our architectural designers for advice

There are many reasons why homeowners think about selling: perhaps their home is looking neglected, is feeling a bit small, or one or two rooms just aren’t quite right. It’s a tough decision – especially if you love the area you’re in, or are sentimentally attached to the place you’ve called home for so long.

Whatever your decision, WE CAN HELP. We have over 30 years’ experience giving professional advice in the purchase, refurbishment, extension, and alteration of all types of properties. GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNERS TODAY.

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