Get Back To Normality After A Fire With Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services.

When a fire strikes at your property, getting back on track can be incredibly challenging, both physically and mentally. It might be tempting to try and get back into your property, save what you can from the ashes and begin the clear up to get back to normality, yet there are a number of reasons why doing this yourself isn’t such a good idea. Professional fire damage restoration services can make the process far easier for you; there’s no need to try and project manage all of this yourself.

Why fire damage restoration?

If you are dealing with the raw emotions and shock that go hand-in-hand with a fire at your property, you might not be in the best place to work out how to get everything fixed. It makes good sense in this instance to turn to a professional team for support and understanding. Even if your insurance company has agreed to cover the costs, there is still much more to take care of, in particular, lots of administration and paperwork.

A professional FIRE DAMAGE RESTORATION service will provide a complete clean, restoration and rejuvenation of your property. They will oversee the whole process, from obtaining tenders, liaising with the insurance company, specialists and tradesmen, to project manage the entire renovation. Not only will this help you to get back on track quickly, it will also give you the time and space to come to terms with the fire.

Disruption to business

Did you know that 60% of firms that suffer a fire go out of business within three years as a result of the disruption? If you’ve experienced a fire on your business premises, the financial impact can be devastating. Business continuity will be a thing of the past while you try to get everything back in order. It’s not just the fire than can cause catastrophic damage to your property. Smoke, soot and water will also cause additional harm if not cleared quickly and effectively. You will need to get your business functioning again as soon as possible if you don’t want to be one of the 60%, so consider getting a PROFESSIONAL FIRE DAMAGE RESTORATION team in to help – it will make good financial sense in the long-term.

Don’t delay

As soon as a fire is extinguished the fire damage restoration project should begin. Leaving the damaged property until you feel able to face everything could make matters worse. In some cases, your premises may have suffered from water damage as a result of the fire service putting the fire out, which can lead to a lengthy drying or replacement process, so it makes sense to get started quickly.

Ideally, a restoration team should visit your premises within 24 hours of the fire taking place to prevent any more damage – or secondary damage – to your property.

Professional fire damage restoration services are vital for business continuity if your company is affected – or for maintaining the structural integrity and value of your property if it’s your home. We specialise in providing guidance for our clients by liaising with their INSURANCE COMPANY and our fire damage restoration specialists. We work on your behalf to ensure a prompt settlement from your insurers and a high-quality restoration to get you back to where you need to be, quickly.

If you need a fire damage restoration team, please CONTACT US on 01993 705 765 and we will be more than happy to come to your affected site and discuss what should happen next. We can also talk to you about other property related insurance claims and fire prevention.

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