Speed Up Your Flood Damage Claim With Expert Advice From A Chartered Surveyor.

Flooding is usually the result of an unpredictable event that can leave your life turned upside down. If your home or business has been hit by flooding there are ways to speed up what happens next. When it comes to water in your property it’s essential to get the flood damage restoration process going as soon as possible.

Moving into temporary accommodation is less than ideal and can make day-to-day living much more stressful – that’s without the hassle of managing a restoration project.

flood damaged properties in England

What we know as experienced Chartered Surveyors is that even the most organised and productive person can struggle to BALANCE A FLOOD DAMAGE RESTORATION PROJECT ALONGSIDE THEIR EVERYDAY LIFE. Taking time off work may not be an option and the added stress can cause unnecessary chaos in your life.

We’ll do everything that we can to get your property dry, clean and safe as quickly and effectively as possible.

What needs to happen after a property is damaged by flooding?

  • Any debris needs to be removed from the property
  • Damaged fittings, fixture, furniture needs to be removed and communicated with insurers
  • The property will need to be dried out. This can take weeks or even months before
    redecorating can begin
  • Checks for any structural or hidden damage need to happen
  • Potentially conduct a FLOOD RISK ASSESSMENT to help prevent further flood
    damage in the future

So, how can we help speed things up?

At Stephen Hodge Associates Ltd we can help with everything except carrying out the actual flood damage restoration. We can conduct the initial survey on your property to determine the extent of the damage and give your insurers an educated quote.

We can then do everything from liaise with tenders to manage the contractors and keep an eye on timescales and budgets. We’ll also keep in touch with your insurance provider throughout.

The aim of our flood damage service is to minimise stress and lessen the impact of flooding on your life. We’ve successfully negotiated claims and returned multiple properties to their previous states. TAKE A LOOK AT OUR CASE STUDIES.

Please contact us today if you’re looking for any kind of support with flood damage restoration or risk assessment. We’d be happy to give you some advice or arrange a time to visit your property.

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