Six Ways Our Building Project Management Keeps Your Project On Track.

Project managing a build or renovation can take up more time than a full-time job. It often requires presence on site in the daytime, and evenings spent focused on planning. 

Even aside from the time commitment, there are numerous reasons why many people prefer not to project manage their own building or renovation project – from stress with suppliers to managing unforeseen costs or critical elements not going to plan.

When you work with Stephen Hodge Associates Ltd, our extensive experience in BUILDING PROJECT MANAGEMENT will help to ensure your project runs to schedule. Here are six ways we will achieve this:

End to end building project management

Building projects are invariably complex. It’s reassuring to know a Project Manager is there from beginning to end to deliver on your vision, ensure continuity, and make sure you’re left with no loose ends.

Our PROJECT MANAGEMENT doesn’t just cover one element of the entire process. We’ll handle your project from inception, through to the planning permissions, tendering and construction (all the way until the project is completed).

We can reduce risk

Risk is inherent in any building work. Asbestos, ground conditions and other factors can throw out unforeseen expenditure and delays.

Our experienced Project Managers can help you to plan for risk, make appropriate provisions, and mitigate against issues that would otherwise prove obstructive to your project.

We use our construction knowledge

Lots of individual skills are needed to see a building project through to completion. Our construction knowledge allows us to select from a bank of trusted electricians, plumbers, materials suppliers and Architects, and we put in the research to find reputable partners with reasonable costs.

We have a list of personally vetted contacts in the industry and our Project Managers can call on the right people for your job. We can also potentially negotiate discounts for the supplies or services you need.

We ensure quality (and cost) control

Building projects carried out without professional BUILDING PROJECT MANAGEMENT can result in much higher costs than originally agreed, as well as delays and confusion.

Our Project Managers will make sure the QUALITY of the project is maintained – and by virtue of this – ensure that no unnecessary further costs are incurred by you our client. We will guarantee that all work is finished to our exacting standards.

We will keep a clear head

A building project can put a lot of strain and stress onto an individual and their family. There will be days when everything is working like clockwork; but there will also be days when things don’t go to plan, and there will still be suppliers to coordinate and contractors to negotiate with.

BUILDING PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERT can take on these tasks while being a step removed from the personal attachment you have to the project – meaning they can tackle obstacles with a clear head, while offering you any moral support you might need.

We act as the intermediary

When building or renovating, it’s important that you are able to rely on somebody professional you can trust completely. That’s why we will assign a dedicated Project Manager to personally oversee your project and help you to achieve your aims. 

This ensures that nothing is lost in translation when passing on information to different parties, and means you can be as involved to whatever extent you prefer.

Whatever the building project, CONTACT US TODAY FOR PEACE OF MIND that it can be completed to a high standard, within a reasonable timeframe and budget – and without the drama – with Stephen Hodge Associates Ltd building project management.

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