How a Chartered Surveyor Can Save You Money On Your Extension.

2017 is set to be the seventh consecutive year that we see house prices rise. The magic number this year? 2%, according to property website Right move. If you’re looking to add further value to your home, then an extension may be on the cards.

Whatever your reason for wanting an extension, there’s one thing that you can be sure of; there will be a lot of work involved. From issues with your neighbours to the initial plans and budgeting, you may have underestimated the number of contributing factors.

plans drawn up by chartered surveyors for a home extension

Potentially one the most important considerations for those looking to increase their home’s value is your budget. Is the amount you spend on the project going to be consumed by the value added to the property?

What can we, as Chartered Surveyors, help you with?

  • Advise you on whether a property has the potential to be expanded; up, out or down
  • Act on your behalf to communicate with statutory authorities
  • Find, appoint and manage reliable building contractors
  • Create initial designs and plans
  • A cost consultancy service to ensure your extension is profitable
  • Offer advice on how to best settle disputes if they arise – in the most cost-effective way

If an extension is planned and executed well, then it can add value to your home whilst giving you and your family extra room to live. At Stephen Hodge Associates Ltd, we can offer you impartial advice to make sure your extension is completed with as little stress as possible.

Working across Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds for over 30 years, OUR CHARTERED SURVEYORS ARE EXPERTS IN DEALING WITH PERIOD PROPERTIES. We have overseen extensions across the area and helped our clients to achieve the extra space in their property that they’ve always wanted.

Extensions costs thousands of pounds and employing a Chartered Surveyor may not have been a part of your initial budget. However, in the long run the question we would ask is – can you really afford not to? In project managing your extension we can attempt to foresee and prevent any unexpected costs. Helping you to stick to your budget and ensure that your extension adds considerable value to your property should far outweigh our cost.

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