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 Structural Survey

A Structural Survey is a detailed inspection and report on the elements of a building, including detection and diagnosis of structural movement, roof spread, thermal movement etc. This inspection also gives us the opportunity to diagnose a wide range of building defects including dampness issues and condensation if present and recommend remedial action. Very often the need for a Structural Report only arises when the property owner finds areas of concern i.e. doors and windows sticking. We can inspect, diagnose and provide a detailed inspection report on any elements of a building.



The structural Survey will look for subsidence. Subsidence is the generally downward movement of a property as a result of changes in the underlying ground conditions.

When cracks and signs of movement are noted by homeowners we can provide a site visit, thorough examination, soil sampling, testing and diagnosis of the cause to determine the extent of any structural movement. We establish the most appropriate method of reinstatement, which may include repair, underpinning, piling and in the worst case demolition and reconstruction and can handle associated insurance claims on your behalf. Our objective is to have a considered right first time approach, rather than the more common trial and error, procrastination and needless monitoring.

For example one of the most common causes of subsidence in the South East is due to clay shrinkage-dessication of the clay subsoil.

We have also dealt with properties damaged by swallow holes, solution features, landslip, retaining wall failure and defective design and construction of foundations.

Building Defect investigations and Surveys are not only needed when problems arise but when clients have concerns and peace of mind is required.

We produce specific defect reports which will include description, cause, condition, repairs and estimated costs to enable you to make informed decisions.

We carry out these inspections for building owners who discover a particular fault with their building and need advice from an independent Chartered Building Surveyor or our Engineer before engaging the services of a builder.
A Mortgage Valuer may express concern regarding a particular defect with a property, such as cracks or sloping floors, he will ask for a Chartered Building Surveyor or our Structural Engineer to produce a report on the specific defect.

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Detailed inspections of a wide range of commercial properties. An essential survey with far reaching benefits for the discerning businessman/woman.

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We can undertake negotiation with owners and neighbours and help you through the legal minefield of construction near and over boundaries.

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